Many people elect to arrange all or part of their funerals before the time of need. Most arrange only part of the arrangements, such as music, pallbearers, final resting place, etc. Some only pre-arrange the financial portion of the funeral by pre-paying all or part of the funeral. There are very strict laws about how the pre-paid monies are handled by funeral directors. These laws change from year to year and from state to state. The people at Gieseke Funeral Chapel can explain the current rules for pre-paying funerals over the telephone. No need to come in person.

We also have available free brochures about pre-arranged funerals: "Reflections & Requests" and "Making Funeral Arrangements."

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Information Needed for Planning or Pre-planning a Funeral


Funeral arrangements are a deeply personal choice. Pre-planning provides you with the time needed to make practical, detailed decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste and budget. The written expression of your thinking as to the type of service, burial location and other details are very important, along with your written record of vital statistics. By recording your wishes, your family will know what you want. All of your information will be readily available to them. It will be so much easier for your family whenever the time comes.


The following is the information that is needed for the death certificate and obituary. Our suggestion is to print it out, record the information and share it with your family, or contact us and we will send you a hard copy of this form.


For a printable version of this form Click Here.


General Information: (skip items that are not applicable)

Full Name





Zip Code

Social Security Number


Cell Phone



Family Information:

Birth Date and Place

Marital Status /Date of Marriage/Place

Spouse's Name including Maiden Name (date if deceased)

Father's Full Name

Mother's Full Name including her Maiden Name


Education History:

Schools Attended
Last Grade Attended or Year of Graduation

Other Training, Degrees, Year Attained

Licenses Held

Comments or Details


Military History: (A photocopy of the Honorable Discharge or a form DD 214 will be needed. It will contain the following information).

Branch of Service, Highest Rank Attained

Tours, Locations, Duties

Date and place of enlistment and discharge

Comments, Other Details, Military Honors


Work History and Career Details

Occupation, Business or Industry

Company, Employer, Years of Service

Previous Employment, Comments or Details


Location History:

Places You Have Lived

Childhood City/State


Organizations and Affiliations:

Church attended and organizations within the church

Professional Organizations

Civic, Military, Club & Fraternal Memberships (Offices held)


Hobbies & Other Personal Interests:

Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies





Children (and Spouses) City & State




Brothers & Sisters (and Spouses) City & State

Other relatives and friends


Preceded by:

Names of Family Who Predeceased (including spouses)



Funeral Arrangements:

Time and Place of Funeral Service.

Place of Visitation, Family Service/Prayer Service/Rosary


Other Service or Mass Participants

Cemetery information

Monument /Marker Preference


Special Instructions or Wishes:

Casket Preference

Vault Preference

Pallbearers Names


Photo for Newspapers and Memorial folder

Photos (and items that reflect interests) for Display

Clothing/Jewelry to be worn



Musical Selections

Favorite Scriptures

Favorite Flowers/Colors

Special Events and Memories

Luncheon Following Services




Other Useful Information for the Family:

Number of certified copies of death certificate needed

Will Location

Executor or Administrator/Location


Safety Deposit Box Location

Location of Documents (Deeds, Insurance Policies, Stocks, Military information)

Real Estate Owned

Notify the Following People


Prefunding a Funeral


Many people are considering ways to prefund their funeral. Prefunding is an option that more people are choosing because it allows you to consider cost-effective options at a time when you are better prepared to make sound, fiscally responsible decisions.


If you would like to do this also, you may set aside money to pay for your funeral. There are a few ways to do this. Your funeral funds can be protected by using an irrevocable trust in a local bank or an irrevocable insurance policy. We can explain the options that you have and help you to set up a funeral trust or insurance. Prefunding allows for protection of funeral funds from nursing home costs. Unlike other investments that you own, the money you place into a correctly structured final expense plan will not count as an asset if you enter a nursing home or are in need of medical assistance. The key is to have the account properly set up. This will spare your family financial burden and protect your assets. Your funds are held in your name in an account or policy designed for providing funds for your funeral at the time of need. We would be happy to help you with the financial aspects of preplanning.


Preplanning allows you to talk with your family in advance and make your plans together in a private and relaxed setting.

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