Tom Abrahamson

May 23, 1946 Ė July 16, 2013

††††† Tom was born in Minneapolis and graduated from Roosevelt High School and the University of Minnesota. After college Tom moved out west with his wife Theresa and they lived in the country in northern California until moving to Greenbush in 1972.Tom always thought of Greenbush as his true home and had strong ties to the people and his land.


††††† Tom worked for many years with Northwest Community Action and later as an independent contractor, insulating and weatherizing homes for low income folks all across the upper northwest corner of Minnesota. Apart from raising his two daughters Jessica and Amy, Tomís life revolved around helping and caring for abandoned, injured and abused dogs. Throughout his lifetime Tom owned 15 dogs and an Eclectus parrot, he was also very dedicated to helping the Pennington County Humane Society.


††††† Tom Abrahamson died on July 16th, 2013, at his home, of Metastatic Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer. He was 67. Instead of a funeral Tom wanted a memorial fund established, so we have started a fund to raise money for the Pennington County Humane Society and to honor Tom with a paver in their memorial garden for each one of the 16 animals that he cared for. With each donation of $100.00 the Pennington County Humane Society will add an inscribed paver to their memorial garden walkway.


††††† Please help keep his spirit of kindness alive by helping the Pennington County Humane Society, your much needed donation will also honor the memory of our friend, (brother, father, grandpa) whose life work was caring for neglected and unwanted dogs, please make a donation of any amount to:


The Pennington County Humane Society

Send your check to Tomís brother who is coordinating the memorial project:

Dan Abrahamson

12525 82nd Street SE

Clear Lake, MN 55319

††††† We appreciate your caring thoughts, even if you are not able to send a donation, please just take a moment of your day to wish him well and send him a prayer in your own way.



The Abrahamson family.