Gieseke Funeral Chapel is associated with Stennes Granite of East Grand Forks, Minnesota in the sales and service of monuments and markers. We offer a complete line of monuments and markers including traditional upright monuments, flat grass level markers, bevel markers, slant style monuments, government markers, oversize grass markers, individual bases, wing memorials, cremation memorials, heart-shaped memorials, brickwork memorials and granite benches.

A free brochure about granite monuments and markers is available without obligation by calling, fax, writing, or e-mailing your request.

Cemetery Vases Olson Monument with vases

We also offer sales and service of accessories and maintenance to older monuments and markers. Products such as permanent metal and granite flower vases, high quality silk flowers, color or black & white monument mounted ceramic photo/portraits, concrete work and in-cemetery engraved lettering can be added to existing monuments and markers.

Add-on, color ceramic portraits and permanent cemetery vases are our specialty.

Many cemeteries have strict rules about the placing of flowers on graves. Many cemeteries will allow flowers to be placed on graves but only during the Memorial Day season. Most have rules stating that all flowers on the ground must be removed from the graves by a specific date, usually early summer, so that mowing can be done without the cemetery workers having to move the flowers to mow the grass, thus minimizing cemetery maintenance time and expense. The cemetery usually reserves the right to remove and destroy any flowers left on the grave.

One way to avoid this problem is the use of permanent cemetery vases for flowers. When using a permanent vase mounted onto the gravestone, the flowers are up, off of the ground and out of the way of the lawnmower and not subject to mandatory removal. Flowers can be displayed all year long without being in the way for cemetery maintenance.

We offer permanent cemetery vases and can install them quickly on existing monuments and markers anywhere in the area for you. Our most popular vases are constructed of exterior quality die cast aluminum and coated with “Granitecraft” exclusive high gloss, multi-layer, baked on granite match finish. Vases are available in a dozen different styles and in a dozen colors and finishes.

Prices for these vases run from $80.00 to $150.00 each, installed, depending on the size & style.

For more information, contact us or stop by and see the display in our office. All of our contact information is listed on the Home page.

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